Zeynep Çelen Yoga



Mindfulness in Action, The Practice

7th of February at 19.30-21.30

This first workshop of the Mindfulness in Action series in 2020 will be focusing on the practice of mindfulness. I will introduce a six-step mindfulness meditation that you will learn how to practice at home. In addition, there will be a short yoga asana session preparing the body for sitting, I will also be explaining the logic behind it, so you will be able to repeat the series at home whenever you want to. Mindfulness is an amazing practice and changes the way we experience our daily life. However, regular practice is a must. This workshop is tailored on showing you how to practice regularly and introduce the important key points to keep in mind. 

Price: 50CHF, reduced price 45CHF (student, AVS, AI)


Mindfulness in Action, Building Blocks

Friday 27th of September at 19.30-21.30

In this workshop we will be diving into the practice of mindfulness using a yoga posture practice. I will  start by explaining the basics and the science behind mindfulness and the controversies surrounding it. Then we will do a brief meditation session followed by an active yoga asana session.

Come and join me to introduce mindfulness into your yoga and daily life. Please get in touch with me through the contact page to sign up.

Price: 50CHF; 45CHF for students, AVS and AI.

Mindfulness in Action, Strengthening              

Friday 22nd of November at 19.30-21.30

In this workshop we will be investigating on how mindfulness builds resilience. The focus of this workshop is on strengthening, both physically the body and bringing resilience to the nervous system. We will be looking briefly at the concept and the strength of the warrior in yoga philosophy and what is really meant by it. There will be a meditation session and a strong asana practice that can be modified to your level with a deep relaxation in the end.

Note: You do not need to do the previous workshop to attend this one.

Price: 50CHF; 45CHF for students, AVS and AI.