Zeynep Çelen Yoga

50 Hr Advanced Teacher Training

New one starts in 2024

If you have been doing yoga for a long time; and you need inspiration, want to learn more detail on what you are doing. Or, you are a yoga teacher wanting to improve your teaching skills and be inspired. Or you just finished a 200 hour teacher training and do not feel confident enough to start teaching on your own, but want to start, then this training is for you.

What does this training cover?

  • Advanced philosophy (Nisargadatta Maharaj’s ‘I am That’ is studied),

  • How to explain complicated and advanced poses in a simple manner and building a practice up to a specific pose.

  • The scientific aspect of yoga.

  • Improving your meditation practice.

  • Teacher-student relationship.

  • Using your voice and language as an instrument.

  • Teaching practice.

  • Sequencing classes at different levels.

  • Adding new poses and themes to your class and practice sequences, being inspired from daily life.

  • Teaching at different speeds and levels.

  • Teaching meditation in action.

  • Body awareness and somatic practices.

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