Zeynep Çelen Yoga

Group Classes

My weekly public yoga group classes are made up of 1 hour classes with a maximum of 6 people. This maximum number will allow my attention to be more focused on you.

The classes include mindfulness meditation, led yoga pose practice and a short talk (satsang) about yoga philosophy relating to daily life. The classes are open to everyone, even if you are just beginning yoga.The flow has an emphasis on Freedom Style Yoga and will be modified to your need (advanced or beginner).

Please come and join me! Reservation is needed so please contact me by filling in the form below to reserve your spot!

Location: Centre métabolique, Nutrition et Mouvement

Address: 5b route de St Julien, 1227 Carouge

Time: Mondays, 18.30-19.30

Price: 26CHF for one class, 120CHF for 5 class pack.

Payment Method: I can only take cash or twint payment for now.