Zeynep Çelen Yoga

Depths of the Nervous System: Yoga & Meditation

Depths of the Nervous System Workshops is a series of 3 workshops that bring meditation, yoga, biology, neuroscience and philosophy together in a practical way. The workshops include yoga and meditation sessions as well as exploratory movements and scientific presentations on the neuroscience of perception.

These workshops are done both in the city or as a 4 day retreat. They are also given to companies who would like to explore the human mind from a self-nourishing scientific perspective.


Depths of The Nervous System-1

The first level focuses on the basics of neuroscience, how the body develops, how do basic emotions occur? How is this linked to the basic teachings of yoga?

Depths of The Nervous System-2
The Cognitive Self

The continuation of Foundations focuses on how the tools of perception, how the body perceives and makes decisions. We explore our sense of personal space and our perceptive capacity, and its ever changing manner.

Depths of The Nervous System-3
The Will-Full Self

This is the final workshop of the series, where we dwell into the concept of free will and determinism. We look into experiments on free will and volition, how the sense of doership increases and decreases. All scientific discussions are discussed and compared to yoga philosophy and the Bhagavad Gita.