Zeynep Çelen Yoga

Freedom Style Yoga

10 June 2017 Freedom Style Yoga Workshop,  Berlin, Germany.

11 June 2017 Foundations of Yoga for Masterclass for All Levels,  Berlin, Germany.

Freedom Yoga is a revolutionary approach that has become popular worldwide.

It is a practice of nourishing and sharpening your senses and learning to move from within. It involves getting in touch with your body, listening inwardly and daring to move the way you are guided to move. It is a practice both on and off the mat, directly applicable to daily life.

By completing this workshop, you will be able to add Freedom Style to your regular yoga practice or add it to your teachings if you are a yoga instructor.

The workshop includes an introduction to Freedom Style Yoga and followed by a meditation session. This playful yoga practice will be led by Zeynep Celen who will be focusing on sensations, attention and a short freeform session with music.

This Freedom Style Yoga workshop is open to all levels except total beginners as it requires some knowledge on some of the basic poses.